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Improve Your Grades By 20%

We use learning science & memory improvement techniques to help you improve your grade by up to 20%!

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Revision App gives you learning quizzes covering everything from Maths, Business, English & Biology. Plus we also give you really cool animated great teacher videos as well!

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Learn on the bus, train, plane... ANYWHERE with Revision App! We make it simple to learn on your mobile phone!

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Revision App improves your children's grades by up to 20% and allows them to learn anywhere, the bus, train, car, ANYWHERE! We save you spending £500 a year buying Revision Guides & paying for private tuition!

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Learn anywhere using Revision App, right on your mobile phone! We use science to help you improve your grades by up to 20%. Revision App gives you over 1 million study notes, saving you time making them yourself!

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Save time & track student progress using Revision App. In seconds you can create a homework quiz and have your students use Revision App to easily complete their homework! Start using Revision App now!

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How Does Revision App Help?


About Revision App in 20 Seconds...

Revision App is The Ultimate Revision Tool & Flash Card App. With over 1 million flash cards & Revision Notes covering GCSE, A-Level, University, College subjects & many more. Revision App will help you to get the A grade you deserve! Covering subjects such as English, Maths, Chemistry, Economics & Business Management to help your revision!

• Revise on the move (at home, in the car, on the train£. anywhere) with Revision App

• We have over 1 Million revision notes/flash cards ready for you to use.

• You can actually learn something new whilst using Revision App

• Create your own video, text or audio flash cards with Revision App.

• University, A-Level and GCSE revision notes already pre-installed on the app ready for you to use at the touch of a button.

If you want great grades, access to millions of revision notes and to revise get Revision App now!

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Revision App covers: High School, College, University, GCSE, A-Level & SAT Subjects. Get Revision App Now! We now also offer a range of professional courses & standardised tests
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Our Social Impact!

Revision App was founded to improve the accessibility of educational globally; we achieve this goal by utilising an individual's mobile phone as a learning platform. We fully subscribe to a future where traditional wooden desks and bulky desktop computers are replaced with smartphone devices and tablet computers, where all learners have mobile resources at their fingertips at very affordable prices. The social impact of Revision App centers on the following areas:


Revision App focuses on providing all of the educational content a student will need over the 15 years of their life that they studying. We are aggressively growing the number of operating systems Revision App products support to ensure we are able to have a positive impact on the educational attainment of the majority of students globally. These target platforms include: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android & Facebook.

Effective Learning & Educational Attainment

Revision App products are not only accessible but also effective. We have developed our own unique learning algorithm to ensure students can improve their educational attainment through using Revision App. A sample study that we conducted in 2012 saw users achieve a 20% increase their educational performance as a result of utilising the Revision App Learning System an average of 3 minutes a day.

Our UK based educational content (video & text) have been created by educational professionals & based on UK exam board specification to ensure Revision App content is relevant and effective. We will maintain this model as we scale globally, which involves adjusting the educational content to ensure it meets the requirements of local students.


In our mission to improve the accessibility of education we also ensure that our commercial offering is affordable. Given this we price our videos at between £0.99 & £3.00 and offer users access to millions of educational notes at the touch of a button for free. We reduce the need for a student to pay £15-£30 for an individual textbook and have instead given them everything they will need, in the form of Revision App. The average UK student spend £344 a year on text books, our mission is to help them save 50% of that cost.

Educational Services

Revision App works with some of the leading tutor providers to improve the accessibility of educational consulting and tutoring services. We are currently scoping the opportunity to facilitate 'Online Tutoring'. This opportunity will both improve the accessibility and affordability of educational tuition.

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Revision App is not only built to help you save money but to also help you improve your exam grades. We help you SAVE MONEY & LEARN SMARTER .